The Honourable Dead

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Written by William O’Donnell

The Narrator- Rayanne Eskritt
Tiffany – Erin Essery
Torrance – Ian Stoesz
The Soldier- Ray Strachan
Thor- Ken Rudderham
The Versace Vigilante- Stuart Robinson
Baldr- Tim Bandfield

Original Music by Matt Gillies

Directed by William Jordan

The Norse Gods have arrived on Earth, rocking the very foundation of all societies worldwide! Two friends enter heated, cerebral conflict as they debate returning DVDs on time. Meanwhile, a young soldier arrives home to drink heavily with a God. It is only a matter of time before a middle-aged banker throws away his shackles to become the Viking hero he wishes to be…and force his new life upon the others. A veritable tumult forms, filled with rage, anxiety, and discount axes at Zellers.

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