Kafka in Love

Kafka in Love is a play in three parts written and produced by new Manitoba playwrights Kevin C. Houle and William Jordan, and was directed by local artist Kristen Norman with movement direction by Sarah Roche.

Starring William Jordan as perpetual wet bag Dorchester, Yared Mehzenta as lovelorn Renfrew, Ian Mikita as the trapped-in-the-closet Ulrich, Kevin Anderson as beloved narrator Franz Kafka, Stac Huen as a Void in Time and Space and Gregor Tandy, Jenna Hill as femme fatale Ruby Banning with Kayla Jeanson, Erica Marks, Warren Clelland and Kristin Norman as the fearsome Jabberwocky. Featuring music by Matthew Gillies, artistic direction by James Van Niekerk and Ryan Biddulph as professional roach fluffer.

As civilization crashes down around their ears, our four protagonist-esque ‘gentlemen’ wonder: Who will iron their suits? Who will stock their pantry? The only question they have forgotten to ask: How will they survive this blasted apocalypse? For outside the safety of the light, outside the safety of the familiar, a fearsome ensemble of dancing emptiness looms, growing ever larger, growing more powerful, gripping their lives and pulling them into it’s terrible and cold embrace…

Posters and wallpapers for the 2010 Naughty Sailboat Winnipeg Fringe Festival play: Kafka in Love.

Full Poster

The Original Soundtrack Kafka in Love
Music Composed by Matt Gillies

[audio:kil_ost_profond.mp3|titles=1. Kafka in Love OST- Profond]
[audio:kil_ost_pelerinage.mp3|titles=2. Kafka in Love OST-Pelerinage]
[audio:kil_ost_douleureux.mp3|titles=3. Kafka in Love OST-Douleureux]
[audio:kil_ost_suinter.mp3|titles=4. Kafka in Love OST- Suinter]

Click to download:
1. Kafka in Love OST- Profond
2. Kafka in Love OST-Pelerinage
3. Kafka in Love OST-Douleureux
4. Kafka in Love OST- Suinter

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