August Strindberg’s Flying Circus

Show Times:
Wednesday Feb 2 8:30pm
Thursday Feb 3 5:00pm
Thursday Feb 3 8:30pm
Friday Feb 4 5:00pm
Friday Feb 4 8:30pm

At the Park Theatre
698 Osborne St.

And now for something completely different. Naughty Sailboat Evil Media Corporation invites you on a multi-media voyage through the mustachioed madness that is the mind of August Strindberg. Our commandeered evening promises a cavalcade of Strindbergian shorts spanning genres and art forms as we delve into the oeuvre of this year’s Master Playwright. From the company that birthed into existence Kafka in Love this year at the Winnipeg Fringe comes a whole new theatrical adventure. Warning: Show may contain puppets, dance, video, original music and other sources of mirth and merriment (possibly also sorrow).

And if this sounds at all perplexing gentle reader. Worry not. This will all make sense in the end.

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